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Post  Firefox on Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:13 pm

So you want to catch a rat?

First you have to buy a cage at the Pet Shop on South Side. Here you’ll find 3 choices of cages:
•I'll take the 1 slot cage [$50,000]
•I'll take the 2 slot cage [$250,000]
•I'll take the 3 slot cage [$500,000 - Donator only]

Once you buy a cage you need to explore the city to catch a rat. You won’t always catch one when you see it. Sometimes you’ll get the message:
You see a Shadow rat with an eye patch. Argh..!
You decide to try to lure it into your cage with 3 weeks old cheese.
Rat ran away before you could get to it, but when you get the message:
You see a Cave rat or is it a cow? Too much Vodka.
You decide to try to lure it into your cage with 3 weeks old cheese.
You managed to lure Cave rat into the cage.
Do you want to keep it?

You caught a rat!!! You don’t have to do anything if you want to keep it. But if you want to get rid of it, just click “No”. Sometimes this causes you to warp to somewhere else in the city. If you don't want to do that then go to your rat page and Abandon your rat instead.

N.B. You must have an empty slot in your cage to catch a rat.

What do the stats mean?

Age: It’s how old your rat is

Lifespan: It’s how old your rat can live to and can be increased for a price. It decreases by 1 per day. Once it hits 0 your rat goes POOF!
There's no point upgrading your rat's lifespan while it has 60+ left. You can always upgrade it later.

Hunger: Not yet implemented in the game. Eventually you will have to feed your rat.

Energy: This is like your hobo’s T. It costs Energy to fight or train your rat. You gain 5 energy every 20 minutes.

Agility: This is like your hobo’s Speed. The higher your agility compared to your opponent’s the more hits you get in battle.

Strength: This is like your hobo’s Damage. The higher your Strength compared to your opponent’s Concentration the more damage you get in battle.

Concentration: This is like your hobo’s defence. The higher your Concentration compared to your opponent’s Strength the less damage you receive in battle.

Vitality: This is like your hobo’s Life. Your Vitality = the amount of HP your rat has at the start of each battle.

How do you train/upgrade your rats stats?

It costs 30 energy to train your rat for 1 tick (1 tick = as soon as you pass an even hour. e.g. 1:00:00 hobotime).

Golden Rat…….……lvl Cost Gain
Level……...1 [65%]
Skill p……..0
Stat p……...0
Lifespan …..100……….0…15,000….+2 [+]
Energy…….150/150…..0…10,000…+10 [+]
Vitality……200.00……0…10,000…+20 [+]
Agility…….11.00……0…10,000….+4 [+]
Strength……8.00…….0…10,000…+4 [+]
Consent…...14.00…….0…10,000…+4 [+]

• If you really want to win those rat fights its nothing more efficent than actually upgrading your rat, just visit the Doc Yoki and get your rat some surgery or DNA modifications. This might increase your rats stats or it might make he’s lifespan longer. These are some serious upgrades and trust me they aren't cheap.

Forget all that fancy DNA stuff you pay your money and increase your rat’s stats. the [+] only shows up if you have enough cash in hand.
lvl: is how many times you’ve upgraded that stat.
Cost: is how much bling bling it costs
Gain: is how much the stat will increase if you pay

How do you teach your rat Skills?

This question is a bit misleading and it comes from this statement on the rats General Info page:
• You can also teach your rat. Nothing better to teach your rat some fighting tricks like the tail spin kick or jump kick. You can also teach your rat other stuff like how to train Better and other things like that.

No, you can’t really teach your rat the tail spin. It’s just referring to this:
Training Mastery ?…0…………….[+]
Speed Mastery ?……0…………….[+]
Damage Mastery?…..0…………….[+]
Defense Mastery ?….3…………….[+]
Buddhism ?…………0…………….[+]
Vegetarianism ?…….0…………….[+]

To gain skill points, simply lvl up your rat. Leveling up your rat also gives a few statpoints.-Malord

The [+] only shows up if you have a skill point here:
Big Cheese…….……lvl Cost Gain
Level……...1 [65%]
Skill p……..1 <==========

If you have earned a skill point you must then decide which skill to train. If you scroll over top of the ? you get the following descriptions:
Training Mastery
-Makes your rat gain more while training||+.01 gain
Speed Mastery
-+2% agi in combat.||+1.5% to sprint in combat
Damage Mastery
-+2% str in combat.||+1% Chance to overpower opponent in combat
Defense Mastery
-+2% con in combat.||+1% Chance to Dodge in combat
-Not done yet
-Your rat eats better food and thus has longer lifespan||+2 Lifespan

What is Index?

-Index is a measurment of rat's total stats, higher your rats stats, the higher your rats index. Index also limits fights and duels so that both rats are relatively close to each other.
-More stats means higher index, higher makes you rat is stronger than other rats, but it doesn't have to mean your rat is the strongest in your index range.-Malord

You may only battle 1 Index higher or lower than your own rat. If you battle an Index higher and win (possible, but very unlikely) you will gain +5 exp. If you battle the same Index and win then you will gain +4 exp. If you battle an Index lower and win (even my grandma could do that!) you will gain +3 exp.

Picking a fight (not to be confused with duels)

Your rat is all souped up and ready to kick some ass. Here's how.

You can fight a certan rat 3 times a day. Every next time will give you 1 less exp. Higher lvl/index rats do not gain more exp, however you do gain less exp if you kill a lower index rat, and more if you kill a higher index rat.-Malord

It takes 10 energy to fight. Click on the Rat fights link and it will bring up all the rats that are within your range to hit. Then click on Index and the rats will be ranked by Index.

The purpose of fighting other rats is to increase your level. Your level must be 5 or higher to get to enter into a duel. You also gain 1 skill point and 3 stat points each level gained. It also takes 20 extra exp. each level (i.e. level 1->level 2 = 100 exp. level 2 -> level 3 = 120 exp. etc.)

There isn't much advantage in increasing beyond level 5 (except for skill points). After level 5 you gain more in stats by using 30 energy to train your rat.

How do you duel?

Once your rat is at least level 5 AND Index 5, it can duel other rats.

To enter a duel click the Sign up link. Your rat will need to have 30 Energy (it will actually only use 25 though) and $15,000 in hand to enter your rat .

Once you enter your rat, go to Manage Arena and you will be shown a list of possible opponents like this:

1. Random opponent [choose]
2. Random opponent [choose]

There is no way of knowing who you will duel.

Once you chose an opponent, 4 hrs later you will fight. Only the winner of the duel gets cash.

The payout for winning the duel is $40,000 + 2% of the amount bet on the duel.

Screw all that! I want to make my riches by gambling!

To see which duels you can bet on, click the Current fights link.

The first thing you need to do is figure out which rat is more likely to win. Sorry, I'm only helping gang members figure out how to pick the winners. Place your bet from $1000 to $100,000 and good luck!

How do rats affect hobo fights?

After every five hits in a hobo fight, one of the hobo's rats will attack. If you have more than one rat, your highest level rat is the one that will be your partner in battle.

Rats do not affect WC battles.


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