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Cart Guide

Post  Firefox on Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:23 pm

Cart Guide

So how do I get started?

First of all you need to be level 15, the next thing you need to do is spend those 1000 tokens you started the game off with.

But I have defeated the trolley boy and got the trolley. Why can’t I race?

The trolley is for holding food, the cart is for racing they are not the same (even though it may look that way from the graphics).

What can 1000 tokens get me?

It can get you a started and not much more. 1000 tokens will allow you to buy a Walmart cart (500 tokens), C-10 motor (200 tokens), C-10 shell (200 tokens) and a set of used wheels (100 tokens). Collectively the motor, shell and wheels are referred to as the parts. Before you go off and buy this gear shop around, the SGHM it will have pretty good discounts on the parts above from other players most of the time. The SGHM does not buy or sell carts the only way to buy a cart is at Pete’s Garage the only way to sell a cart is at your garage for 75% of the price you paid for it.

Equipping the parts is done by clicking on your cart name and clicking the [change] link and selecting the parts of choice.

I am not going too well, how do I improve?

You need more tokens to upgrade your cart. How do you get more tokens, well there are several ways. Firstly you can race more and slowly build up your tokens for upgrades to your cart and parts. Join a gang and not just for cart racing but also for many other facets of the game this is a good move. Gangs generally provide a token pool the idea is that everyone works together to improve each other’s carts in turn. For conditions on entering, participating and leaving your gangs token pool talk to your gang leaders. Once you have shown a commitment to the gang they may decide to give you a loan, and probably some advice on what to buy. Some individuals will give out token loans as well typically at 10% interest though a lot of people do not do this due to the possibility of scamming or inactivity by newer hobos. If you scam expect to be punished by jail time or possible
account deletion. If you have some spare cash you can buy tokens from the SGHM, though in the early stages of racing this probably may not be worth it. A constant source of token income is advertisement as you go up the classes the tokens per day for advertisement increase. It isn’t much but it slowly builds up over time. Do not ask older players what the different advertisers are and what they pay when you move up a class you will find out soon enough.

So what does Acceleration, Handling Speed and Skill do?

AC: Acceleration, Minimum speed, how much speed you can gain per check point
Handling: Determines if you slow down for a corner or speed up, also effects chance of crashing
Speed: Maximum speed.

How does AC and Handling work?
1. You do not start from speed 0, AC is your minimum speed, high ac can give you a decent advantage in the beginning of the race.
2. Every round has a toughness rating, take every round as 1km of track with a curve. At the start of every round your cart slows down depending on the toughness of the round and your handling, if your handling is better than toughness of that curve you wont slow down, otherwise your current speed will slow down. After that the average time for the round is calculated (time it takes you to get through this round with your current speed) After that you will accelerate, accordingly to your AC and next round will start.

Short: You start with current speed equivalent of your AC (your current speed can't get lower than that) round x: you slow down (Handling) -> time is taken -> you accelerate (AC).

Handling in every round is random, half the time its close to track base handling, other half there are harder curves. These vary from 1.5 to 3 times harder than normal. This means that the hardest curve on 50 hardness track can be over 150 hardness (average of once every 10 rounds).

Speed is ONLY your maximum speed.

Skill is a more elusive factor. It is generally accepted that the more you have the less likely you are to crash, and that it makes you go faster by making it more likely to stay at your maximum speed but by how much is not as well known, or articulated.

I want to buy a new cart but need the tokens from the sale of my existing cart to afford it

Buy yourself a rusted cart and swap it in to be your racing cart. Sell your old cart, buy your new cart and make it the default cart, sell the rusted cart. It costs about 13 tokens to do this which is nothing in the grand scheme. Remember that when you do sell your old cart that you can only ever sell at 75% of what it cost, for this reason it is a good idea to save a up a lot of token so that when you do decide to upgrade the upgrade will be substantial.

What’s the go with the different courses/stages?

There are different stages when you do cart racing and they each emphasise different aspects of cart racing. Generally there are 3 courses per class, one with low difficulty but many checkpoints, one with high difficulty but with a small amount of checkpoints and one that fall in between. The first type of course requires high speed lower amounts of handling and a good amount of acceleration. The second type of race requires more handling at the expense of a bit of speed and acceleration. The last type of course requires balance all of the cart stats. To achieve this delicate mix you need to tweak the cart as described in the tutorial

How do I get class points?

Come first in the race and get 10, second and you get 6, and third you will get 4. Anything else will net you no points. Once you have the required number of points you can move up to the next class. For the first two classes it is best to wait until you have four times the number of class points and the system will automatically bump you to the next class.

Class 1/2 is getting pretty easy now I just got enough class points to go up a class, I think I might go up and get some more tokens

Do not move up a class until you get automatically bumped to the next class. This will occur when you have 4 times the number of class point to advance. In the mean time save up your tokens because when the bump does come you will have something to have to upgrade. Yes the class above will be that much harder (in most cases) and yes the rewards are worth it if your good enough.

Higher classes are harder for two reasons, harder difficulty, longer tracks require more handling to build your speed to maximum and better racers with better carts. Typically the difficulty of the tracks goes up by about 4 as you move up the classes.
Why is class 3 so hard?

At class 3 the automatic bump no longer applies. People stay in this class and build up their tokens so they can get a maxed cart (4.5M tokens) or close to it. The people that stay in three with the maxed cart or close to it are commonly referred to as class sitters. People generally stay in class three a long while and to get into class 4 requires a pretty solid racing effort.

How do I improve my consistency in races?

A lot of people look to improve the consistency of their results in cart races, they use their cart placing as the sole measure of consistency but in reality there is much more to it. A better way to measure the consistency is to look at the times that you are achieving for each of the different courses. You generally do not race against the same people all the time (unless in higher classes) so placing is not a good benchmark on which to rate your performance.

Try tweaking things differently for a different track and see how it goes for a few races see if your times improve. Look at the race reports when you get them see what is happening with your handling. There are always going to be races where you end up with a bunch of better racers then you and second last or last will be the best that you will do, but if you achieve a good time for your cart then the result isn’t so bad. Similarly there will be times when end up in a race where there are not as good cart racers as you and you will get a good placing. Remember that the courses are random as well so this will add variability to your times as well. If you steadily work away at getting the best setup for your cart improving its time and upgrading, improving your placing in races will follow.

What is a crash?

Ever seen your time that you took to complete the race and it was 15-25 seconds higher than what you normally take to finish the course? Chances are that in the race you have crashed. If you get a race report they are pretty easy to pick up, what happens is that from going from one corner to the next you will gain an extra 15-25 seconds. For example go to the tutorial and look at the race report at the bottom. In the second last column at checkpoint 33 there is a crash. So what can you do to stop them? Crashes are a random event but to reduce the chances of getting them you can improve the handling of your cart for a start. Buy upgrades, tweak and build up your skill, which only comes with more cart racing.

Is the race report really worth it?

In many cases no but there are times that it can be useful. For instance if you are always going bad on one particular stage you might want to see what going on through the race, or if you are unsure what to upgrade next on your cart. More often then not you will have someone buy a race report every now and then because they too are curious or have more money/tokens than you, so you can see what going on. There is a good explanation on how to read race reports in the tutorial so check it out if interested. There is a lot of information to be gained from the race report if you can read them well, including estimating opponents cart setup and thus how much you would need to improve to be on par with a competitor.

What do I need to go good in class x?

Hard question to answer and there is no real answer to this question, it depends on what people you race up against from race to race. But looking at the average stats of people when they started asking in the ‘How would I do thread’ I came up with some ballpark numbers, if anything they are probably slightly higher than what you need to go well. By the time your thinking of going to higher classes you should have a pretty idea what is going on and the risk/benefits of the next class.

Class 1: 13 50 10 Class 2: 20 70 19 Class 3: 35 195 30

If you ever do an estimation of career token earnings as a racer moves through the classes and then look at what you can buy with those earning the stat match up reasonably well with those below for the first two classes.


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Post  south.side.hell on Tue Dec 23, 2008 5:58 pm

Nice guide Victor - oh, i mean Firefox.

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Post  Firefox on Fri Dec 26, 2008 11:16 am

I know - it took me a few days to make!


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Re: Cart Guide

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