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Hobowars FAQ

If you have any questions, just post them here.

Q. What are Tokens for?

A. Tokens are used for cart racing when you reach level 15. They can not be sold prior to you reaching level 15.

Q. How do I get points? Where do I buy/sell them?

A. You get points in a number of ways. You can win them in the arena, you can pay 5 dollars via PayPal to become a donator which will earn you 15 of them, you can fill out point offers (Points: xxx [earn]), or you can buy them at the Superglobalhypermart. If you have some points and would like to sell them, you can usually get upwards of 30k a piece for them at the SGHM. It is located in your city links.

Q. What are macro points? How do I sell them?

A. Macro points are the game's way of making sure you are not using a program to play/train for you. A high number of Macro points are a good thing. If you let them get too far in to the negatives, you will be jailed. When the macro protection screen comes up (a hobo holding a red circle with a number in it) you must click the number that matches the number in the circle on the table directly below it. Macro points can not be sold.

Q. The Macro Protection is not working. I can't see the hobo with the red circle, what do I do?

A. If the hobo with the red circle/number is not showing up for you on the macro protection page, try these steps:

1. Go to http://www.hobowars.com/game/macro_image.php?id=YOURIDHERE, and hit F5. If it doesn't work, move onto the next step.

2. Make sure your browser is allowing images and your firewall isn't blocking them. If everything seems fine and it still isn't showing, go on to step 3.

3. It's possible that there could be an error in your computer's register which is stopping your browser(s) from reading the correct image headers when the image is formed with php. Try downloading and running WinSock XP.

Q. I'm poor can I have some money?

A. No. Begging for money on the boards or in chat is a bannable offense. Just don't do it. Play the slots at the casino, explore the city, and join a gang. (Go to the Clan Chatter board and the stickied thread there is where you can post that you need a gang) Also, If you type intelligently and can put 2 sentences together, some of the older hobos have been known to throw a little cash your way in appreciation. Finally, there are loads of competitions and lotto’s on the Fun N Games board that have cash prizes. Occasionally, there will be threads on this board offering cash to new players. Post intelligently (once again) and be respectful, and I guarantee you will like the results you get.

Q. I filled out the point offers and didn't get my points, where are they?

A. Unfortunately, the point offers do not always work. Some of them do, however they take a bit to credit you. Watch your living area for news of the credit. If you do not receive them within 7 to 10 days, then you probably won't get them. Don't post about it, it happens to everyone.

Q. What is Respect?

A. Respect works in conjunction with rings. There is a fantastic FAQ on here that covers it.

Q. What is Slutting/Raping? Can I advertise/solicit slutting on the boards?

A. Slutting is when you pay someone to attack you and lose, using their T. Raping is when you pay someone to keep healing while you attack them and win, using your own T. You are not allowed to advertise either service on the boards.

Q. What level do I have to be for Rats? High School? Uni? Carts?

A. Originally posted by VM Kate:

Rats - level 10
High school - level 10
Cart races - level 15
University - level 25

Q. I found an arena pass while exploring the city, what does it do?

A. The arena pass lets you fight the old man and his friends at the corner 7/11 where you can gain experience, money, and bonus items. Your pass expires every morning at AM reset, so you will have to find another. You may post the position where you found the pass on your gang board or ask for it there, but NOWHERE else.

Q. What is Bernard's Mansion?

A. It is a game secret and it's not allowed to be talked about.

Q. When does Duncan's House side wars finish?

A. Sunday night at 11:59PM (HoboWars time). Everybody who has 1 or more war points who is on the winning side will receive a prize.

Q. I referred someone and I didn't get my money when they reached level 10, why?

A. The referral bonus was removed, due to people abusing it by making multis and collecting the money from the bonus.

Q. When I am level 25 can I go to University and still go to High School?

A. Once you use the University for the first time, you cannot use the High School.

Q. Where can I find cans?

A. You get cans when you explore the city. And no it doesn't mean click around on pages. Click on 'City' on the side bar, on the city page there is a link diagonally up from the blue 'Top Hobos' link and it says '> Explore the city...', click that and follow what it says there.

Q. Why do some people have orange, green, blue, red, or bolded black names?

A. Orange names- Are donators. Click the red link at the top of the page that says 'Become a Donator!' to find out how to become one.

Green names- Secretaries. Game staff who monitor the MBs and enforce the MB rules. Plus, they are sexier than most other people.

Blue names- Blue names indicate Vice Ministers, who have all the powers of secretaries, plus are able to jail you for illegal activities.

Red names- Red names indicate Ministers. All of the powers of Vice ministers, plus mind control.

Q. How much does University cost?

A. It costs $50000 to get in at first and then $50 per train (10 awake).

Q. How do I level up?

A. To level up you need to win fights and gain experience, to fight somebody, go to '• Battle!' and then '> List hobos the same level as me who are alive...’ hopefully you'll find somebody to battle from there. Remember people, with a higher ID than you, non-donators and people with a low win percentage are generally weaker.
Also, you can gain the experience needed to level up by fighting the Old man and his friends at the 7/11, or by begging at the 7/11. (You must be healed/alive to gain exp. for begging)

Q. I am unconscious, how do I heal?

A. Go to • Hospital (found on the left side menu) and you can heal there.

Q. What is the best rat?

A. Golden Rat

Q. How do you catch Golden Rats?

A. You don't. You finish the Hoburbia Adventures.

Q. What is the best rat that isn't obtained form adventures?

A. The Space Rat is the best rat that isn't obtained from adventures.

Q. Where can you find them?

A. You can find Space Rats by putting a Mirror Shard (Found in Sewer 2) onto the pedestal at 6, 19 in sewer 4.


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