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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Guide Empty Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Guide

Post  Firefox on Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:14 am

How to play RPSLS

You will need to go to the City Hall after completing Adventure #10. There you will meet a bald hobo named Johnson. If you have enough money he will play a game with you. Take notice to any hints he gives you. For instance he might be planting his feet firmly on the ground or wiggling his ears.
For each hint (there are five: Eyes, Ears, Ground, Tongue, and Thumb) Johnson has a favorite move (Scissors, Spock, Rock, Lizard, and Paper respectively). There are two popular strategies that take advantage of this information. I use the first one, but there are some who have been alternating between both.

Strategy 1
if Tongue, play Rock
if Ground, play Paper
if Thumb, play Scissors
if Ears, play Lizard
if Eyes, play Spock

Strategy 2
if Tongue, play Scissors
if Ground, play Spock
if Thumb, play Lizard
if Ears, play Paper
if Eyes, play Rock

If there is no hint, it is advisable to skip that game. You can do this by hitting the "Forget this" or "Check the high scores" link and then return.

Play it for the Money

Each game you place a bet with Johnson, and if you win the next game's bet will increase by $50. If you lose the bet will go down $50. Because of this, your total winnings will roughly be equal to [25*wins*(wins+1) - 50*loses]. Playing RPSLS gets harder as you make more money because Johnson's moves become more random and he pulls Goatse more often. BTW, do not look up Goaste on the web.

Play it for the Bread

You will receive a Smart Bread when you win the following amounts: $1200, $2450, $3700, $4950, $6200, $7450, $8700,.... or (1250*n-50) for n>0. Each Smart Bread gives you 2 intel and 3 awake. Gaining 100 intel (50 smart bread) adds .015 to your base stat gain (equivalent to gaining 5 or 6 levels) when you train at the university. Also, each 50 intel gives you 10% more exp per fight, and 10% more money for begging and selling cans. (This means 10% of the base exp/money gain, not 10% of your current exp/money gain).


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