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Post  Firefox on Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:07 pm

Adventure 1

1. Buy Wonka Bars.
2. Go to the Nursing Home and check to see if your wrapper(s) contain lucky numbers. Keep track of this pair of numbers. They will be different from your Hoburbia lucky numbers.
3. Go to the Explore the City page and use your lucky numbers as the co-ordinates.
4. You will then find a "special event" in which you see punks climbing out of a hatch. You will then see this message: "Gutter Punk 3: Hmmmm... A whole new city... there could be more. I say we split up and scope things out. Gluestick! See if there are any chain stores around we can swipe food and supplies from. Stitches, try to find the seediest place you can for us to chill out in front of. I'll look around and see if I can score us any smokage."
5. If you now go to Walmart, you will find the 1st punk; he will tell you that you need a Magnet.
6. Head over to the Pawn shop in Hoburbia and buy a Magnet (you will need 1k Pawn Points and $10k), go back to Walmart and you will receive the Anarchy Patch.
7. Punks like weed... best place to get weed? A Wellness Center of course. Go there and get a bottle of Glue for your Anarchy Patch.
8. Punks like sex... head over to the Red Light District and exchange your Glue for a fake I.D.!
9. Hobos like drinking... go to Liquor Store and buy a lot of beer... drink until you are screwed. Razz
10. You will then go through a monologue and find out the gutter punks came from a place called Canbodia.
11. You will get some Roast Beef at the end of the dialogue... go eat it.
12. You will get a Dossier... read it.
13. Go to the Docks and talk to the General... once you accept your mission, you have finished the 1st step of this adventure! Congratulations.
14. You are left with this message: Check your dossier tomorrow for your next mission (so don't forget to do so!)

Adventure 2

1. Check your Dossier.
2. You find out you need to persuade your crew into joining you... got to Suicide Hill and Dirty Greg's to find Lance, your 1st crew member.
3. You will then see that "he needs to change some parts around"... go to your Garage to find him again.
4. In the dialogue, you will see he has his eyes on a new platinum cart... go to Pete's Garage to find him yet again. (Note: you may have something else... just follow the obvious clues.)
5. You then see he needs to advance his racing class... go to City License area. (What a goose hunt, eh?)
6. Yet again, you see he has a meeting with his sponsor to tend to... go to City Advertising.
7. Okay okay, this goes on forever... go through the story until you get to his "big race" dialogue in which you go back to Dirty Greg's.
8. You have the option to hit a guy and take his water or let him bring Lance the water after you read the dialogue... hit the guy over his head.
9. Fill the bottle with Crudweiser. (If you don't have any, open new tab and buy some... then refresh.)
10. Watch the race!
11. Lance loses, and he will then join your crew. Congratulations on completing Mission 2!

Adventure 3

1. Check your Dossier.
2. You have to find a guy called Morpheus. Go to the Battle! page and search for his name.
3. Grab his Hobo ID and go to Wonka's Factory's Surveilance Room. Search for Morpheus' Hobo ID and you find out you have to play a game with him.
4. Follow link to instructions and try to beat him. It may take you a few tries. Just try and control the corners and edges of the board!
5. When finished, adventure complete!

Adventure 4

1. Check your Dossier.
2. You see you need a cook, which is of course Crazy Eddie. Go to the Soup Kitchen.
3. You see he is not there... head over to the Court House.
4. You see that you have to win the competition. Sign up for 2T.
5. You then have to make a sort of dish using a main ingredient. (mine was rope) Also, take note of the clues.
6. You can keep trying to mix it right, or if you want the easy way, keep asking for different main ingredients until you find this:

Hobo Judge: Your main ingredient is.... Bottle Caps!
In addition, please consider the following when cooking:
1: I could really go for something glazed.
2: I need more fiber in my diet...
3: Make it earthy!

6.5. They use these ingredients... and you will win: Bowling Shoes, Mirror Shard, Rope, Bottle Caps, Half a Donut, Packet of Fries, Raw Potato.
7. Congratulations on completing the mission!


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Post  Firefox on Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:08 pm

Adventure 5

1. Check your dossier.
2. You see you need your final guy, go to the parking garage.

3. Go to the docks

4. well logically, you can't hackey sack a extra large bowling this is what we need to win. Though if you just try it at first, you will fail. (If you don't have an extra large bowling ball, purchase one at tin can alley for 250 cans).

5. So, we need to be pretty strong to handle that bowling ball...what makes us stronger then? Altoids of course! Buy some and eat will feel curiously strong, then give the extra large bowling ball another go with pirate lad and you will win.

6. Congratulations on completing the mission.

Adventure 6

1. Check your Dossier.
2. You get a map...go to docks

3. go up canbodian river!

4. go to army base

5. go into the office

6. go through dialogue, afterwards, head to beach

7. time to play a have 3 bombs...put one on each side...and one in one of the middle squares...leave everything else defaulted.

8. Watch for moving targets, they are ones you want to be sure to take out. Solitary targets are possible bombs.

9. there are multiple strategies, mine was keep moving two pawns back and forth, until the enemy got in striking distance (then attack). Once you only have solitary pieces left, send a guy out to test if its bomb or not, if it is; send a miner to it.

10. once you win, you get smart bread! Yay!!!

11. Continue on to get some rum, and your mission Completed. Congratulations!

Adventure 7

1. Check your Dossier.
2. Go to the Beach.
3. Go through dialogue.
4. Navigate yourself to get the boat to you. Punt the beach balls, move cautiously through landmines, etc. Do general knowledge things. Not hard.
5. Go through monologue.
6. Congratulations, mission complete. (Don't forget, you can go to the Beach and play Stratego again! Costs 30T, it's fun and you get Smart Bread!)

Adventure 8

1. Check your Dossier.
2. Go to river, decide whether you want to find eddie. (I decided to)

3. If you so decide to, try these coordinates (be alive). Up, up, left (should get map), follow map and just keep going up, you will come across eddie and a new dialogue after you go up once more.

4. tiger ask for lift, i picked "No!"

5. go back to boat

6. go through monologue...

7. finish, misson complete, congratulations

8. If you go back to bar after leaving, you can order some drinks. Have fun with it!

9. don't forget you can go to beach and play the game again!

(Side info: Along your search for eddie, you may come across items on the ground...they have no effect whatsoever...though don't immediately throw them...who knows what you may need them for.)
also: for those drinkers who like rainbows: Bottoms up! You down all of the Rainbow Road Rainbow Road
Your speed increases by 0.1!
You gain 0.04 Drinking!

You feel a little buzzed
Blood Alcohol: 0.03 (0.2 tolerance)
Drinking: 0.09

Adventure 9

1. Check your Dossier!
2. You see you have to find a bunny...go to bar.

3. head over to wall of oglers

4. talk to flashy looking guy...he will tell you of a new girl that does not have dark hair.

5. go to jukebox

6. You will see morpheous

7. choose to see how deep rabbit hole goes

8. go back to flashy looking guy

9. go to bar area, talk to ahab

10. have a seat, and order drink...keep waiting on bar tender until ahab takes control. (bottoms up! You will gain the mixer, and can now make new drinks!)

11. go back and now talk to lance

12. ask him about his kitten shaped mug

13. don't worry about playing cards

14. go back to jukebox, and go home... Then go to entrance and go talk to the infantryman; steal his screwdriver

15. go to pool table area

16. go to restroom

17. help eddie...then unbolt the dispenser

18. eddie leaves, and soap is gone...go find lance and play a game of poker.

19. the ocd guy does not come back...go to the restroom

20. check the stall...the ocd guy is there...he will give you the clue "She WAS DEFINITELY wearing a necklace."

21. go back and talk to infantryman at the oglers...he will give you hint "Hmmmm, All I can remember is she was definitely NOT wearing glasses."

22. go to morpheous if white rabbit is not on...if not; put it on my going deep in rabbit hole

23. order a will get a drink ticket.

24. talk to the bunny with the purple ears/blonde hair/wearing a necklace. she has a her

25. go to army base

26. go along with dialogue... The mission is complete! Congratulations! (don't forget to play game at beach!)


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Post  Firefox on Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:08 pm

Adventure 10

1. Check your Dossier.

2. Go to army base

3. time to fight some gutter punks once you continue...

4. ahab on forward, morpheous on the choco gun...lance on gumball machine...and crazy eddie on port.

5. Now, the secret to the game is, do what you think would need to be done a step before you would think you would need to do it! Confused? I thought so. When the ship is on north, use the choco gun. When the ship is on east, use the gumball gun. When the ship is on south, use the port. And when ship is on west, use evasive maneuvers.

6. Once you catch them with anchor, eddie will pull them in, once that is complete...jump on their ship and take out the punks until you win!

7. once you win, you get two buck chuck and a dog...go back to your map, and click on recycle area.

8. recycle 100 cans, and mission complete! (don't forget to play the beach and whatnot!)

Adventure 11

1. Check your Dossier.
2. You have to get into the Skatepark... go to Canbodia and go through the monologue.

3. talk to priest...say what favor...and get the shears.

4. Go to the jungle...and I recommend going cut paths to the uncut squares on your map (all if possible) and you will get some interesting things...candy/fruit/etc.

5. Once you have to fruit, go talk to priest again, you will see you need to mix the melon with soda water.

6. Get soda water at the park in second city. Go to inventing room in wonka factory and mix the melon with soda water.

7. you get mountain dew! go back to the priest.

8. After you finish the dialogue, mission complete! Don't forget to do the beach game!

Adventure 12

1. Check your Dossier.
2. Go to Skate Park, you get a mail from Willy Wonka. Call the Oompa Loompas on the whistle.
3. Go to the Docks.
4. You see you need an Engine and Fizzy Lifting Soda. Start with the soda... get rat wing by feeding birds in second city park with bread in your trolly... then get soap and soda water... and mix!
5. As for engine, you can either buy it for 100k (quick way) or search around river until you find one. Your choice.
6. Go back to the Docks... hop on board!
7. Go to Skate Park!
8. Go through dialogue and make the choice (after you start the jump of the pipe) and (you can make the choice) but I joined in.
9. You can either wait for boats or try and run, same outcome.
10. Go through dialogue, and mission complete! Don't forget about the Smart Bread at the Beach!
Adventure 13

1. Check your Dossier!
2. Go to Tattoo Parlor.
3. Go to Hot Topic.
4. Go through dialogue... fight or run! I fought Razz Also, kick him in the nuts first time it appears... then throw him into CD rack. When Morpheus says to run again... run.
5. Tell Ahab you don't have time to explain... go to Tattoo Parlor.
6. Have a seat... listen up... buy the book if you want (100k) and pick your first tattoo. Also, tattoos cost 50k to remove... and 1mill for a new one! Razz
7. Mission complete! Don't forget to get your Smart Bread at the Beach!
Adventure 14

1. Check your Dossier.
2. No information is really given... go to Kurtz's Camp, however.
3. Go through dialogue, and you see you have to complete it to open the Dumpster. Make it to where your 5th block is filled on 1st row... your 4th on 2nd row... your 3rd and 4th on 3rd row... your 2nd-5th on 5th row... and your 3rd on your 5th row. You will see what to do if you look at it for a bit. Or, just reference the graphic to the right. Razz
4. Jump in! Keep digging until you get to a dialogue.
5. Go through dialogue... and mission complete. Don't forget about getting your Smart Bread at the beach! (I lost this one Sad Careful... opponent has two 1's when you only have one... so either hope they hit a bomb or find their flag quick!
Adventure 15

1. Check your Dossier.
2. Again... no info... go to Canboia... then to Kurtz's Camp.
3. Go through dialgoue... then try and get out of the Camp. This way: Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, left, up, right, Down, Left, Up, left, down, right, up, complete.
4. Another chamber! Yay... this way: Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Up, Complete.
5. Go through Dialogue/Monologue, and congrats... mission complete! Don't forget to get your Smart Bread for the day at the Beach!
Adventure 16

1. Check your Dossier.
2. Its from Kurtz... go to his Camp... go through dialogue.
3. You leave the camp... now to find the punks. Kill the punk at each location and make a note of who they radio for help:

Toy Store
Liquor Store
Wellness Clinic
Soup Kitchen
Candy Store
Corner 7-11

Copy down who they call. First, kill the one without a walkie talkie. Next, find the one that usually calls them and kill them, and so on until you finish.
4. After you get the message "That's the last of em. Head over to the Big House!" Go there!
5. Mission complete... good job.


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Post  Firefox on Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:09 pm

Adventure 17

1. Check your Dossier.
2. Go to the location in the city.
3. Go through hatch... and play the game!
4. Go through next hatch... and play the next game! Familiar eh? Resort to other mission if you forgot how to win.
5. Next game! Woot... here how to win: up, right, down, right, up, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, win!
6. Proceed through final hatch until you come up to Kurtz's camp... go through dialogue. Choose whether you join or not... it doesn't make a difference.
7. In the fight with Kurtz... open up a new tab and go buy a decent amount of booze. Try drinking a Centrifuge before the fight! Throw different types of booze, he should be especially weak against some of them. Don't worry about your BAC-- it could get as high as .70% or more before the end. It seems like there is a limit of 15 bottles of booze that you can throw altogether. Keep going back for more and healing at hospital until you win. You will have to drink all the alcohol you threw, though, so keep in mind what gains you want.
8. Go through dialogue and tie up Kurtz... then go into your Backpack and use the Yiff Whistle you got an adventure or so ago.
9. Watch the fur fly!
Adventure 18

1. Read your Dossier.
2. Check out Kurtz's Camp and talk to the furries there.
3. Check out the furry tribe in the Canbodian jungle to claim your prize.
4. Track down your crew members again... Lance is at Kurtz's camp with the furries, Eddie is back at the soup kitchen [?], Morpheus is at Hot Topic, and Ahab is back on the ship at the Docks.
5. Try sailing on the Canbodian river to trigger hobo bathing-- exchange 1 bar of soap for +1 gains to intel, power, strength, and speed!
6. You can also get the Tiki Mask at the Recycle Center to get another Loompa Land wish to unlock the new weapons and armor [and soup stock] at the Pawn Shop. You can also de-invent soups at Slugworth's Factory to get soup stock and make your own with ingredients found in the jungle and while sailing.


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