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Post  Firefox on Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:28 am

First go to the bowling alley restroom. He mentions giving the bathroom key to a guy in a silver jacket.

At the Old Man's arena, at 7-11, there is "Silver Jacket Man." Fight him and when you win you will notice that he dropped a key…this is the bathroom key.

You should now return to the bathroom where you will learn Grandpa Joe's phone number. Go back to your backpack and select either the address book or the phone. Call Grandpa Joe and he will tell you that the train to Hoburbia is running again. Catch a train at the train station to arrive in Hoburbia.

From this point you need to get the map, which is random for every person. Once you have the map, you can explore all of Hoburbia.

Next, go to the Candy store where you can buy a Wonka bar. When you eat the Wonka Bar, you will keep the wrapper. Go to the Nursing Home and talk with Grandpa Joe. He will tell you that you can use his internet connection to check to see if the wrapper is a winner. Every wrapper isn't a winner, so you may have to try multiple wrappers, however, it seems like most people are getting a winner within three wrappers. By winning, you will receive a Golden Ticket.

Once you have a Golden Ticket, take it to the Chocolate Factory.


Go back to the Gates of the Chocolate Factory in Hoburbia. You have to fight three kids in order to gain access to the gates. Willy Wonka will meet you and ask you to sign a liability waiver(Copy and paste your name, including your gang tag). Wonka then confides in you that he needs your help getting rid of Charlie, who is doing a terrible job running the factory. In order to get rid of Charlie, there needs to be a unanimous vote by the 10 members of the Board of Directors.

Push on the panel when you are done talking with Wonka and then go back out the entrance. Wonka tells you that this is where the Board of Directors are and that he'll see you tomorrow.


—Go to the nursing home. Grandpa Joe tells you to go to the Wonka factory for the next part of the tour.

After a few screens, Wonka sings you a song and slips something into your backpack. It's a key to the Factory! Once he kicks you out, you can now get back into the factory on your own.

You have to go to the Offices of the board of directors and the first door is open. Click on the door to go in and talk to the director.

Go to the Factory Entrance and get Choco-vision Goggles. The correct coordinates for the glasses are your "lucky numbers" from the last Wonka Bar you opened(so if you don't remember your last— set of numbers, Buy another Wonka bar from the candy store, eat it, then head to the nursing home, log onto the internet to check if you're a winner. Write down the number this time!). Head to the factory floor, then to the claw machine. Enter the coordinates you just wrote down, and there you go, new goggles. Now you can go to the Chocolate Room and swim into the river and get the tape. Go to the Courthouse with the tape. When you get called to the stand, tell them that Wonka took you too the Chocolate Room and didn't try to push you into the river.

You will exonerate Wonka and Glute goes to Fat Camp.

If you go back to the Director, he tells you that tomorrow Wonka Candy Canes will be available.


First, go to the nursing home where Grandpa Joe tells you that the Oompa Loompas are striking. Wonka tells you that you can't go onto your tour because there are no Oompas to row the boat! Go inside the factory and then to the Board of Diectors. You will see that the second door is now open. Go in and talk to the Director. He tells you that he wants you to stop the Oompas from striking and gives you a Zippo lighter.

For this next part, you are going to need to go to the Second City Flea market and Gasoline if you don't already have some. Go to Pickety Pete's store and you will see that he is hiring. You need to apply and answer the questions satisfactorily to get the job. He'll give you some money and leave you alone. Set fire to the signs(I did "no blood for chocolate," so I'm not sure if the other ones work too). The store goes up in flames.

Now go back to the factory and pick a fight with an Oompa Loompa. When you win and break his sign, the Oompas decide to go back to work. Go inside and take the tour with Wonka. He takes you to the Second City dock on his boat.

—You now have access to the boat at the Second City Dock and if you go back and talk to the second director, he tellls you the rainbow drop candies will be available tomorrow.


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Post  Firefox on Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:29 am

Go to the nursing home. Your conversation with Grandpa Joe is cut short by a letter arriving. It's from Slugworth! He has captured Wonka and is planing on taking his secrets and then killing him. Go to the factory, and you will get the Wonka letter out of Wonka's cane.

In that letter Wonka describes his relationship with Slugworth as business partners that, due to an accident, ended badly. Now slug worth is seeking revenge. Wonka advises you to seek out the newspaper man. At the bottom of his letter there are coordinates. these coordinates must be used in the original "Explore the City". Go to that position and you will find the newspaper man.

: Newspaper! Get yer newspaper! …Wait a minute… You're the golden ticket winner… If you're here then Willy Wonka…
: Kidnapped by Slugworth.
: …I warned Wonka the Gobstoppers were— too powerful… But it's too late now. Listen closely. We haven't much time, for every day he draws more power from the four remaining Gobstoppers.
: Four remaining Gobstoppers?
: When Wonka saw what happened to Slugworth he destroyed all the Everlasting Gobstoppers. All save four. Those he had given to Mike Teevee, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, and Charlie. It is these Gobstoppers from whence Slugworth draws his power. While they exist, he cannot be destroyed.
: So, the Gobstoppers have to be destroyed.
: …Yes. But it won't be easy. You'll need help. Here, take this. It's a Loompa Whistle. Whenever you are in need of aid, blow this whistle. It will summon the Oompa Loompas to your aid.
You get the Loompa Whistle Loompa Whistle
: I am sorry , but this is all the aid I can offer you. You must forge your own path from here on out. Be patient, and guidance will find thee. Good luck!

The Newspaper Man turns and disappears sdfaewrt24e234nto the ethereal haze.
Go back to the Wonka factory and head to the Offices of the Board of Directors. This time the third door will be open. This director says he'll vote out Charlie if you eqweqwrwefa roast beef flavoured gum.

Go to your backpack and blow on the Loompa Whistle and the Oompa Loompas will appear, telling you that you now have access to the Inventing Room in the Chocolate Factory.
Go to the Soup Kitchen and get Roast weqeeqwebeef. You're also going to need some Pre-Chewed Gum that you can find while exploring. Go to the Inventing Room and combine the Roast Beef and Pre Chewed Gum, and tada, you've got Roast beef flavored gum. Take it to the director, and you are done!


This one is a quickie. Go to the Nursing home where GJ tells you that Charlie is having a speech at the Chocolate Factory. Violet shows up and grabs Charlie and takes him to the courthouse. Go buy a Metal Knife from the Toys R Us store in the first City and then go to the courthouse and fight Violet. You pop her with the knife(or the bloody knife from the dumpster at 7/11) and get an Everlasting Gobstobber from her. If you miss her at the courthouse, she makes a circuit from there to Pickety Pete's to the Tin Can Alley and then back to the Courthouse. I asked Charlie for Candy as a reward, and he gave me a "Sweet Bomb," which gives +25T. You can talk to the fourth director in the Chocolate Factory now.


Head to the Nursing Home, once there GJ tells you you got a rather nice letter from Wonka. Got your mailbox (regular hobomail) and read the message. You find out Slugworth is plotting something and that you need to enlist the help of the oompa loompas to obtain a new weapon to defeat Veruca Salt and obtain her everlasting gobstopper.

Go to the Factory and go into the Fizzy Lifting Room (if you cannot get in blow your Loompa Whistle). When you look around you notice a janitor's closet way up towards the ceiling. Turn on the fan (costs 5T). Go back to the Elevator and to the Offices of the Board of Directors. Now the fifth door is open. When you go in and talk to the guy he says he needs some photos retrieved from the janitor's closet in the Fizzy Lifting Room. In order to get the the closet you need to make the fizzy lifting potion. He tells you that the ingredients are:

cleansing agent
some feathers
and a fizzy base
You can get the bar of soap from the soup kitchen, the feathers from trying to catch a pigeon in the park of second city, and the fizzy base, I used the soda water from the second city flea market. Once you have all these ingredients go back to the Wonka factory to the invention room. Compact together all three ingredients. "You take the Fizzy Lifting Soda and place it into your trolly." Now drink the Soda and head back to the Fizzy Lifting Room.

Slugworth's voice appears and you begin to lift towards the ceiling. Time for a game:

Height: 0 (ceiling fan at 300 ft)
Rate of Lift: 50 ft/sec

you're floating up towards the rotating fan blades. What will you do?

Do a breast stroke +3
Do a flip +3
Dogpaddle +3
Burp -6
you start at 50 ft/sec which increases +3 ft/sec ever action a burp does -6 but remember you are still floating up around +50ft/sec. If you hit the fan you lose life and have to start over which means making another Fizzy Lifting soda (and getting the ingredients. again). The correct method is to burp your way to the Janitor's Closet.


Part one:

Head to the nursing home where grandpa Joe once again tells you you have mail. Go to your mail and read the message from Charlie. Charlie heard about what Slugworth last adventure and ask to "meet somewhere… discreet.Go to the Second City Sewer. Enter the red door. Go alone. " Make sure you equip the coffee soaked mop from last adventure.

Charlie is located where the mirror shard was found. Refer to the map at the left if you've forgotten exactly where that is. Once you get there you find out, surprise surprise, Charlie is working with Slugworth. So now you must face Veruca Salt. Now "[Crush Her]"

She Flees and you must follow her"

Go to the Chocolate Room
Jump out of the way (2T) She heads to the ceiling
Go to the Fizzy Lifting Soda Room.
Flip the Fan Switch (2T) she gets sucked out to the street
Head out near the gates… (just keep following her)
Head to the Inventing Room.
Jump out of the way (2T) Veruca flys by you and lands in the candy compactor
You get an Everlasting Gobstopper!

Part Two:

Almost every day has dealt with a director, this one is no different. Head to the office of the board of directors. When you go into the newly opened door you meet up with the director who will help you and vote against Charlie if you can make him some Junior Mints. To make the Mints you need:

Chocolate Ice Cream - Walmart
Altoids - TinCan Ally-> Flee Market
Bottle of Lye ->Janitor's Closet in the Fizzy Lifting Room (You should have this from last adventure)
Go to the inventing room and compact those elements together. You recieve the Junior Mints and place them in the troly. Go back to the Director's room. He will now help you and vote against Charlie.


A quiet day in Hoburbia. Head to the nursing home, There grandpa Joe tells you yo check out that beeramid in the city. In this adventure you will defeat the mummy that roams the beeramid.

If you head to the Office of the board of directors and enter the newly opened door you will meet a director who will help you if you get A big ass diamond. The mummy guards this diamond. If you have not yet entered the beeramid, there are three ways each costing 2T:

Fight him - you need battle stats around 2k each to make a good effort
Sneak by him - you need to drink the Crystal Pepsi.
Beg - I assume you need to have high beg stats.
To make the crystal Pepsi you need to have the following ingredients:

Can of Pepsi - Walmart
Invisible ink - Tin Can Ally -> flea market
Compact them in the inventing room and drink the soda.

Once inside you will be faced with three riddles :

Riddle 1: "What's red and green and goes 175 miles an hour?"
Answer: "A Frog in a Blender"

Riddle 2: "Lower your defenses and show your weakness"
Answer: Un-equip your armour and return to the beeramid .

Riddle 3: "To reveal the way forward, A crimson proof is required, Show your vermilion taste"
Answer: Buy red hots and eat them, your tong will turn red (alternatively you can use the rainbow drops, but there's a good chance your tong will change to other colours besides red).

Then you will be able to face the mummy. A note about the path in the beeramid: it's a simple back and forth traversal. Start by going left, once you finish the first riddle head right until you can go up. Then head right solve the riddle, head left, then up, left again, solve the last riddle, then right, and up.

Before you face the mummy, you need to make Gas soaked Red hots. To do this you need:

red hots - the candy store
Gas Can - Second City ->The Park-> the flea market
Go to the Inventing room and combine these elements. Next you need to light them on fire. Go into your backpack and use the Zippo lighter. Now, Face the Mummy!!

"After burning the mummy up, the only thing that remains is the Golden Trolley. You grab it, transfer all your food, and toss out your old trolley now on you can carry 20 pieces of food.

Get the Huge Ass Diamond"

Head back to the director's room and give him the diamond. You get yet another vote towards kicking out Charlie!



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Adventure Guide 2 -- Hobowars guides Empty Re: Adventure Guide 2 -- Hobowars guides

Post  Firefox on Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:29 am

Grandpa says that there's something going on at the factory. Head to the factory. A news conference is going on for Charlie. Head to the office of the directors. Go into the newly opened door and talk to the director. He tells you he will vote Charlie out if you can steal the Wonkamobile. He give you access to the Parking garage in the building.

Head to the Elevator and the parking garage. Here you will meet with a bit of a puzzle. The way to do the puzzle is work with pairs of rows. Make sure that the pairs are at opposite ends, and work your way to the middle. Eventually, if it all works out you can solve the puzzle without resetting it.

Once the car is free head to the second city parking garage. Remember it costs $100.00 to enter, pay and park. Head back to the director's office and now he will vote in your favour.


The day starts off with a visit to the Nursing home. Grandpa Joe says you have have mail. Go to your mailbox and there you will find a message from Wonka! He managed to sneak a message from where he's being kept. Wonka informs you that the last two gobstoppers are still out there. One of them is held by Mike Teevee. Mike is going to infiltrate the Factory and steal the secret of Wonka vision. He says to stop him you will need to call the Oompa Loompas. Visit the Office of the board of directors, enter the newly open door. The director will vote with you if you kill off Mike Teevee.

Go to your backpack and use the Loompa whistle. Musical Interlude:
Oompa Loompa doompadee doo
I've got another puzzle for you

What do you get from a glut of TV?
Loads of entertainment, entirely free
Why would you even bother to read?
There's no good reason we… can… see!
"You can reach the surveillance room from the elevator." SO head to the Factory and enter the Surveillance Room. "It's got a huuuuuggeee channel knob and a slot for sticking $100 bills into." There are a countless number of channels. SO the question is where to turn to. If you head to the Nursing home, Grandpa Joe says to "Send that bastard to Hell." Hell happens to live on channel 666, and 666 happens to be Hell's Hobo ID. So Mike TV lives on 1304946, (or his Hobo ID if it has changed. Search for Mike TeeVee on the battle page to get the ID then go back to the surveillances room and enter his ID as the channel number.. Mike climbs Out of the TV!!!

You have two options

Fight (5T)
Make sure you have your mop equipped and choose Fight. "Great success, you win!
You defeated Mike Teevee!" Now click "Better act fast!". Per Grandpa Joes request, you need to send Mike to Hell, so enter 666, and change the channel. "You flip the Television set to channel 666. Mike Teevee lies in the center of the room groaning!"
Now Flip the Wonkavision switch. You send Mike to Hell "You hear some screams and then something glowing and colorful pops out of the TV screen." You get the Everlasting Gobstopper

Go back to the office of the board of directors. He will now vote in your favor.


Visit Grandpa Joe He tells you how scared he is
Then You go to the Director 10 he too tells you how scared he is and for his family. He also tells you the locations of them
Son in Primary School
Daughter in High School
Wife at City Hall
Go to Primary School (if you need a pack of smokes can be bought at the Tin Can Alley Flea Market)
You swap smokes with him either Beg or Pay which ever works for you

Next stop is the High School (need a bloody Knife)
Search Lockers the Daughters Locker is #9
Toss in the Bloody Knife (if you toss in the bloody uniform she will just say it was for a play so you will have to use the knife)

Finally go to City Hall
There is a bomb threat, You see Boris stealing and will catch him he tells you that it is he who called in the Bomb threat (Clue) Drops Licenses, pick them up. Look in your backpack and use Licenses item, dust them off find the wifes (if you use the again it tells you to use Boris's Idea)
Call City Hall Kitchen (should be in address book if not look here: City Hall Kitchen - 545-5565)
When you return to City Hall witness the drama unfold then

Go back to the Director and he clears your Vote


Head to the nursing home, when you get there Grandpa Joe tells you that the city is on lockdown due to the board meeting at the chocolate factory. Head over to Chocolate Factory to the Offices of the Board of Directors, you may now enter the double doors (graphically they appear closed so just click and enter). It's time to vote out Charlie!

The directors vote, but Charlie already stepped down because he claimed to have found Wonka to which he says "In my travels I have discovered something that will revolutionize the candy industry. A substance I call: Dark Chocolate! We will begin production of the substance immediately." And further more, he has appointed Charlie to the newly formed position of "Prime Minister of Chocolate".

As soon as you leave the board room you receive a mail from Wonka. So head to your hobo mailbox. Wonka tells you to "Seek out the newspaper man once more. He will show you the way". (If you do not remember where to find him Check your Backpack for the Wonka Letter the Explore City coordinates are on the bottom)

Explore Second City to find Newspaper Man, "The Newspaper man takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and tapes it to the top of your map. This will show you the way to Slugworth's fortress. "There you will find Slugworth, along with a captive Willy Wonka. But beware, Slugworth cannot be defeated while the Everlasting Gobstoppers remain. Now I must be off… I do have a paper route you know"

Go to Slugworth's Evil Fortress
Yell stuff to the drawbridge guard
The middle response will change till he throws you a hammer
Take the Hammer to Tin Can Alley
Talk to the Modern Artist
He will begin to build you a Large Wooden Rat
I don't get modern art…
Now play the waiting game not to be confused with the crying game XD


Talk to grandpa about the hammering that kept him up all night
Visit the modern artist and buy his wooden trojan rat (need 200 cans)
Use the Loompa whistle to get help moving the rat
Go back to Slugworths castle and follow the story to get into the castle
Get on the evilevator and go to the offices of evil board directors.
Now the next part I think is random for each person, you will need to write down the clues and follow them to open the doors in the correct order. They will give you the first door, then clues, for example "The 3rd door is 3 letters higher in the alphabet than door 1". The order that worked for me was J, A, E, G, H, B, D, I ,F, C but like I said, I think its random (It is random. I don't remember the whole sequence, but mine started with I, A, J, G, H)
Once you get the right sequence, go into the boardroom and defeat the Loompa eating moose.
Turn the hour glass over and wait for access to the chocolate room.

Talk to grandpa about Willy Wonka acting strange and is scaring the people at the nursing home
Go to Slugworth's Factory and go to the Dark Chocolate Room.
Go down the pit and go north until you come across the wall with the valve
Look at the valve and if its on keep it, if its off, read the letters on the wall
U means up (Upper), D means down (Lower), L means Left, R means Right - Ex. UL means "upper left" | DR means "lower right"
See the combination and turn those levers on and the the ones that it didn't say off.
Once you do, turn on the valve, if you turned the right levers on and the wrong ones off, the valve should turn on.
Press the button for 3 T after climbing out
Go to Wonka's factory and go to the Chocolate room, climb down the pit.
If the valve is off, keep it off. If it's on, turn it off, if it doesn't budge do the steps mentioned at Slugworth's Dark Chocolate Room.
After, go to the Dark Chocolate room at Slugworth's and hit the buttons. The things will play boggle
Go check with the Chocolate Room at Wonka's Factory
Click "Eat Something!(4T)"

Visit grandpa, he tells you about the new dark chocolate candy bar
Visit the candy store and try to get to the front of the line, the easiest is just to spend the 20T to get in right away
Buy a couple of dark chocolate candy bars, 1 for you and 1 for grandpa
Go talk to grandpa again, he tell you to eat yours first
Eat your candy bar, then go back to grandpa and give him his
Go to the Wonka factory, listen to the protests, then leave the factory
Go to the dark chocolate room at Slugworth's fortress
Eat something (for 4T)
Listen to Slugworth beating up on the moose guy
After the beating is over, click help to help the foreman
Flip the 24 hour glass

Visit grandpa
Go to the deinventing room at Slugworths Castle and listen to them.
A whangdoodle will say that he lost his ID to go into the torturing room in some brownies.
Eat a meal and go to the wellness clinic or find the dreadlocked kid exploring the Hoburbs.
They will give you a brownie the moose left behind.
Go in the de-inventing room and rip it apart, equip the ID
Head to the Executive dungeon
This puzzle is like day 10 but is possible with no resets. Green Goes to purple and purple glows to black and black goes to green. But this time, black cant move anywhere.
Just keep moving some around and bring them back and repeat it until you've got all the white lines in the middle.
Walk Down the hall
After, you will find Wonka, Charlie, and a Whangdoodle Torturer
The Whangdoodle tortures Wonka for the recipe and you have to save him.
After you beat up the whangdoodle, keep torturing him until you have to stop, don't listen to wonka.
He will tell you the informaton and then bring Wonka back to Uncle Joe

Visit grandpa
Choose which Wonka to shoot
Go into the Fizzy Falling Soda Pit
Buy Lead
Lead + Soap + Soda Water = Fizzy Falling Soda— Inventing room
Jump in the pit (5T)
Burp until you're under 10 meters per second
Do a breast stroke +3 increases strength a bit
Do a flip +3 increases speed a bit
Dogpaddle +3 increases power a bit
Burp -6

Once you're at 10 Ft/sec alternate between 2 of the actions and one burb.
When you reach the bottom of the put you fight and Kill Evil Wonka
Go back to the Chocolate factory and talk to Wonka

visit grandpa he will tell you about the Whangdoodle invasion in the hoburbs
go to hoburbs and defeat all 100 Whangdoodle: (either by directly attacking them (good way to advance your adventure weapons) or setting some kegs and blowing the Loompa Whistle.)
talk to Wonka at chocolate factory
read mail from Charlie. He tells you to meet him at the scheming room the next day
go to the board of directors and talk to wanka again. you learn that Charlie has the last gobstopper.

visit grandpa. He tells you to check out the candy store
check out candy store
go to Slugworth's Evil Fortress enter the scheming room
defeat Charlie (make sure you have the Coffee-Soaked Mop equipped)
take Charlie's body back to Wonka's factory and enter the executive suite
choose to keep or destroy the gobstoper (I kept it )

visit grandpa Joe
go to chocolate room in Wonka's factory
then go to picketing Pete's
then return to Wonka at the executive suite
destroy all 4 everlasting gobstopers
places to destroy it
7/11 dumpster = -Slugworth will not be harmed by anything that comes out of the garbage
Walmart = Slugworth will be immune to things purchased from WalMart
ripaparter = Slugworth will not be harmed by anything that can be invented or deinvented
boxing stadium = Slugworth will gain more strength
dirty Greg's wreckers = Slugworth will gain more power
train station = Slugworth will gain more speed
candy store = Slugworth will not be harmed by anything that comes from the candy store
Wonka's gun = Slugworth can not be harmed from guns
Zippo lighter + gasoline = Slugworth can not be harmed by anything fire related.
choose 4. DO NOT CHOOSE 7/11 dumpster or Walmart, candy store and lighter. (see adventure 22 for details)
return to Wonka at the executive suite

visit grandpa
go see wonka at executive suite in chocolate factory to get a full access evil security pass.
Equip Wonka's balltop cane to defeat Slugworth.
Go to Slugworth's Fortress and go into the evil executive suite.
choose either option (he will fight you either way. Pick the second option for a slight comedic response from you)
Defeat him using Wonka's cane
He will transform into his final form and fly off to the Beeramid
When you first climb the Beeramid you must feed Slugworth a food item. If he has already eaten something from wherever you got it from (or you destroyed a gobstopper there), it will heal him, otherwise it will harm him. (The more T it gives, the more damage it does to Slugworth).

I had 1300 speed, 1000 power and 2000 strength when I defeated Slugworth. Any weapon will do with those stats. However, stock up on a bunch of the low end weapons, since every time you use one weapon, Slugworth will become immune to that weapon, and if you lose the battle, he will run off and lick his wounds and regain health.

If you can manage to do more damage to him than he heals, you'll win eventually.


Go to the Chocolate Factory
Enter the Executive Suite
Wonka will give you $50 for your efforts
Go back to the Wonkavator
Go back into the Executive Suite and you tell Wonka he can keep is lousy $50.
He'll tell you that you passed "The test" and lets you into the great glass elevator to Loompa Land where you'll be granted 3 wishes. These include:

+25 Strength
+25 Power
+25 Speed
+10 Intelligence
+5 Begging
A Golden Rat
+5 more T every day from your Hobo Grail
A double-double
After you choose all three, you'll have the option of getting a candy from Wonka (in his office) that will take you back in time to Adventure Twenty One so you can defeat Slugworth again!


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Adventure Guide 2 -- Hobowars guides Empty You rule!

Post  Syrius on Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:00 am

Man, you are huge on this game.... how did you make this___+++??????

I'm new at this forum and I'm loving it.... I'm gonna bring a Hobo friend over (jotaman) , so he can be here too.... thanx!

By the way... did I tell you how good your guides are??? U Rule What a Face


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